/*posted 17/10/2019*/
Hey Clanmates,

A few months ago some of the core clan members had a plan for a new initiative. With the new initiative came a new name which was Deicide. Unfortunately the initiative didn’t amount to much.

With this new season in an effort to move the clan forward into the furture we are going to look to the past. To do that we are first returning the clan to its original name the 16th Wish. With that the Clan’s website is going to be reactivated alongside the PSN Community.

This season the clan is going to focus heavily on running clan events through the use of the Destiny 2 Companion App and the PSN Community Events tab.

The loose schedule is as follows:
Australian days (USA days)
Wednesday (Tuesday) – New Seasonal Content
Saturday (Friday) – Raids
Tuesday (Monday) – Old Seasonal Content

Moving forward this schedule will fill out with Crucible, Nightfalls and Gambit runs, but for the time being that is for individuals to organise. If you need help accessing the events please message Macetruwindo

More changes will be forth coming when the Admin team has rebuilt them.

Enjoy the new Season

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