/*posted 17/10/2019*/
To all our Wishers,

With Bungie bring out Destiny 2 with New Light, the Admins have decide to start Shadowkeep with a new wish.

First thing is that Macetruwindo is assuming leadership of the clan and promoting some brand new Admins. If you want to find out who they are check out the new admin page on the website here.


If you have visited the page you will notice that the admins have twitter accounts attached to their names. On their twitter feeds will be up to date info on any events they are running or any group activity they might be running, but don’t worry about following multiple twitter accounts because you will be able just look up the 16th Wish’s Clan Twitter account here.

TWITTER.COM : @the16thwish

But the best way to be in the know of anything going on in the Clan is with that Clan’s Discord Channel. Here you can chat with the clan even when you’re not on Destiny. The best thing about Discord is that you can get it on anything that is connected to the internet. You can download, use it on a browser, you can even get it on your phone though google play and the Apple App store.

You can find the link to the Discord Sever here.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have any problems with getting on Discord send a PM to Macetruwindo on PSN


Now when it comes to Events you don’t have to wait until there are announcements on Twitter or Discord you can check this new page on the website from the link below. We will be posting new events every 2nd Destiny 2 Reset.


Now on the topics on Raids, the clan is putting Clan Raids on hold as we implament a new raiding system that should allow a better method of training new raiders. If anyone wants to get a headstart you can join the Clan Runs of Heroic Menagerie as they will be a requierment to join the Clan Raids. Infomation about the runs can be found on the Event Page.

Now Last but not least, we now have a PSN Community where you can stick posts for help or join one of the Clan Party Chats. You can find the community through the tap on your PS4. You can find it right next to the Friend Icon on your PS4 home page and just search for "The 16th Wish Destiny 2 Clan"

We hope that all of this and our new actions will become the New Wish That You Need

-Admin Staff

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